Sport park Plovdiv

The Regatta venue

Walking on the alleys taking you to the channel, you will walk by well-maintained sports fields, track-and-field tracks, signs pointing the way to the "Plovdiv" stadium, which hosts 70 000 spectator seats, rehabilitation center, a covered swimming pool complex, covered and open air tennis courts and other sports facilities. The Sports school is also nearby, which also has a very good training base and its own stadium. Many great sportsmen and sportswomen have begun here.

If you walk by the channel, soon you will reach a wonderful bridge which takes you to the very shores of the Maritza River. The fish swimming there can be seen clearly. Fishing however is prohibited and those who are in breach are fined. The reason for that are the World fishing competitions which take place at the rowing channel

Plovdiv Sports Complex

  • Stadium – 70 000 seats
  •  Tennis courts - 19 open- air and    4 indoor
  • Swiming pools